Ad-Guys™ brings tears of joy to cancer research.

When it comes to cancer, fear and sadness are common reactions. This applies to not only a diagnosis but to the traditional way agencies build awareness. But Ad-Guys in their latest campaign for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada took a very different approach.

"Research has significantly changed patient outcomes", says Peter Cooke, of Ad-Guys Toronto, "As a result, the tears and despair that comes from a breast cancer diagnosis have been replaced with tears of joy as more patients are beating cancer thanks to research. Our approach was to capture those tears of joy as men and women react on camera to a positive outcome to their treatment."

"1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime but thanks to research, more women than ever before will survive their breast cancer diagnosed. But there is still so much to do." continues Peter. "That is why funding research is so important. The campaign celebrates the power of research and recognizes the valuable role the BCSC has played in helping fund the research and improving patient's lives."

"Emotional empathy was a key driver in this campaign," says Peter, "we wanted to ensure that the emotions surrounding breast cancer research were positive and hopeful."

The campaign consists of TV, Print, and online.

To make a donation or show your support to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society, visit

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