OAG's Black Friday Sale

What's OAG's Black Friday Sale all about?

Old Ad Guys is offering up its consulting and creative services to clients who want to get a new perspective on their business. Available until December 4th, clients can get a fresh look for only $1000. All they need to do is email OAG at info@oldadguys.com. Clients will receive creative campaign concepts including business strategies and insights. And in classic OAG fashion, we'll turn it around in days not weeks. Clients are free to take the work back to their partner agencies or service providers with no strings attached. But this unique industry offer is only available for a limited time.

More than a great offer.

Our Black Friday offer is more than just a great deal that offers a senior perspective at a great rate. Have you ever heard of an agency offering discounts on services before? NEVER. Agencies do not offer deals or discounts on their services. Most have a fixed infrastructure and large overhead that makes it impossible to offer their services for less.

The second is, it just isn't done. The question you may ask yourself is why?

Just because something hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can't be done. In today's world marketers need BRAVE THINKING. They need agencies that question everything, are willing to try something different and consider new opportunities when they present themselves. Agencies need to rethink convention.

Today, agencies and clients are re-evaluating the rules. How the marketing landscape is changing. What new technologies are bringing to the marketing industry? How traditional advertising fits with today's consumers. Even how their agency structure needs to change, and how their compensation needs to reflect their services so they can become more transparent and affordable.

With all this change, offering 80% off creative concepts for $1000 may seem less than ground breaking.

But change is never fast. It often comes as a series of challenges to the status quo. By challenging convention we find new opportunities and ways of creating solutions. At Old Ad Guys we believe that clients deserve BRAVE THINKING. They need partners who will look in new directions. And see opportunity in something as simple as a Black Friday sale. For only $1000 it's a great opportunity to get a second opinion on where your brand could go.

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