Celebrating 6000 years.

In just over 18 months, Old Ad Guys™ has hit a new milestone. To us it's a big deal and worth cracking open a few cans. With members in 5 continents ad over 50 cities around the globe, we're bringing thought leadership to the forefront of client agency relations.

We're excited that we have inspired so many senior advertising professionals to join us. We are even more excited that clients are reaching out to us and discovering our story.

While our name has created some discussion, our unique voice and irreverent brand has allowed us to reach every corner of the globe, from Australia to South Africa, from L.A. to the UK. We're proud of the fact that our brand was launched and built entirely through social media and that we are just getting started.

Our premise is simple. To give clients what they need and want most, senior thinking.

One of the biggest industry challenges for clients is access to senior people - not just when there is a crisis, but everyday. For most clients the people working on their business are junior and intermediates not the experienced pitch team that they fell in love with. For many clients a good portion of their marketing dollars is going to support the training and development of those working on their brands.

We believe that the people across the table should work on your business. That senior thinking can get you to solutions faster and deliver ideas that meet your business goals, not just build someone’s bag.

To find out more about OAG visit our website. And for those who love us, share our story.

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