One Night Stand - #1

Well 24-hours have come and gone and we faced our first challenge. We had a lot of fun, a lot of discussion and a host of creative spaces to choose from.

One thing the challenged proved was that having experience working on similar assignments clearly helped guide our thoughts and insights as we pushed forward. Experience has also taught us to not over think - something some agencies do when they are up against a deadline.

So what was the challenge?

Well, it came from Australia. RESPARKLE is a non-toxic and environmentally safe line of cleaning products.

With very little in the assignment brief other than, "Make people love (toxin-free) cleaning!" We looked at category insights and behaviors, we searched through the client's website, reviewed their packaging and created a list of value propositions that might engage consumers in considering a natural cleaning product.

The challenge was then to develop creative concepts without letting our strategy get in the way.

So what was our answer in 24-hours? Two campaign directions and a whole lot of other cool ideas waiting in the wings. (See below.)

If you're wondering what old Ad Guys can do for your brand let us know. Hopefully we'll have more than 24-hours. If you want it for free - stay tuned for our next ONE NIGHT STAND coming soon.


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