Serving up your brand during the Pan Am games in Toronto.


The games are coming to Toronto in July and with it unique opportunities for marketers. International sporting events such as the Pan Am Games draw large international audiences and allow marketers the ability to connect with a broad range of consumers from different cultural backgrounds, religions, ages, genders and social economic backgrounds. Furthermore, it offers marketers a captive audience within a concentrated geographical area in which to seed their brand message or product interaction.

Consumers at these events are looking for new life experiences. They want to embrace not only the cultural diversity and the thrill of a unique sporting event but want to connect with new brand experiences as well. To marketers these visitors are unique - they are willing to move beyond their traditional boundaries and explore more of what the host country has to offer. As explorers, these visitors are highly suggestible and open to new messages from unfamiliar brands.

Part of the reward in traveling to international events is the ability to become a champion of newly discovered sight, sounds and tastes. These visitors, who have become more connected through technology, have the ability to become powerful social influencers as they share their experience with friends and family back home. The reward for marketers around these events is the ability to cultivate new brand champions who will share their experience online and in person.

Over the years, the Internet has allowed marketers to realize the power of social media. Events such as those in Toronto, allows marketers to optimize their social media strategy while focusing their message within a concentrated geographic area. A friend is a friend whether they are found online or on the ground. The rewards that a brand can garner by creating a rewarding interaction with an audience that is willing to share their experience, is the entire premise of what social marketing is all about.

If you are wondering what can be done for your brand let us know. With one month left until the games, you'd be amazed at what seasoned thinking in our Toronto office can do.

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