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The concept of Open Source is familiar if you’re in software development, but if you’re an advertising client, you may be unaware of just how widespread it is in the industry. Whether it is for pitches, campaign development or rush projects, agencies rely on a network of freelancers to bring specialized knowledge and skills to bear because they don’t have enough time or lack the experience in a particular category or industry.

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Having the people who are intimately familiar with the pitfalls and best practices of every category is a huge asset for an agency but it is a luxury few agencies today can afford. The Old Ad Guys’ (OAG) approach to Open Source, solves that problem because it transforms it, expands it, and economizes it. Through its recruitment of professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience, OAG gives agencies—and their clients—access to a roster of senior marketing and creative personal who not only know the category, but were likely the ones who helped shape it. This approach lets the agency find the expertise on client's category and gives access to talent beyond the traditional agency roster when and as it is needed.

At the heart of Old Ad Guys is a core team of seasoned agency leads and disciplines who not only help drive client relationships but can contribute to the category experience needed to meet today's marketing challenges. The relationship is symbiotic each helping the other in true Open Source fashion.

But OAG’s’ Open Source does more than provide agencies with access to unlimited marketing knowledge. It is a valuable resource for companies and independent marketing professionals as well. Imagine a senior agency veteran on his own trying to land a client that requires a broad offering of services. Going solo against a formal brand agency is a hurdle that is nearly impossible to clear.

What is more likely, though, is that if the client is in an agency relationship, that agency would never want to share its budget or surrender its role as the sole point of contact. By utilizing OAG’s Open Source agency, however, independents or small agencies with limited infrastructure can compete against full service agencies because they can literally plug in a full roster of disciplines to meet their immediate needs without the expense of onboarding or training new staff.

OAG business model is set to transform the agency business and the rules that cover it, turning that little known agency practice called Open Source into an Open Secret Weapon.

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