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Old Ad Guys™ is a global network of senior agency guys and gals all with a minimum of 20 years of experience. We see collaboration and experience as the ultimate combination to drive business and meet the needs of marketers worldwide. We have over 8000 years of experience on our roster with local, national and international resources on 5 continents and in over 90 cities across the globe including: Toronto, London, New York, Chicago, L.A., Boston, and more. Come join us and become part of an agency that rewards your experience and knowledge.



If you are an old ad guy or gal who after years in the industry still hasn't found that agency that you can call home, welcome. Your contacts and experience are invaluable and the fuel of any great agency. If you have over 20+ years of experience and still love servicing clients and being part of a team we want to talk to you. Please click on one of the category icons below if you want to work with senior people like yourself, who believe that working together delivers more opportunities than working apart. Old Ad Guys™ is not a social site where you catch up on the latest gossip, it's a working community for those who want to build a business and create permanent offices across North America, the UK and around the world.

OAG is one of the worlds first open source agencies, giving team members access to a global network of resources to help them pursue clients and to collaborate on business opportunities.

As a partner, you become a stakeholder in Old Ad Guys™ and contribute to the structure and growth of the agency. You'll receive profit sharing as be eligible for bonuses and additional share options as part of your contribution and participation in the growth and management of the agency. You'll become a permanent member, with a permanent home. We don't want your money; we want your experience, your skills and a bit of your time.

As an associate, you'll lend your expertise and experience to teams and projects as required.





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We connect old ad guys and gals together to build integrated services around a client's project or business. 


We are reshaping the industry. With seasoned professionals from around the globe we're one of the fastest-growing agency networks in the world.


We are a dedicated team of seasoned ad and marketing professionals looking for partners and associates who want to build a permanent office in their local community. If you have 20-years experience or more we want to talk to you.


If you have a client or a client you would like to approach but don't have a full team to get the job done - we can help. We'll connect you to local resources or give you access to resources already established.


Our goal is to create permanent agencies, with permanent salaries and
ultimately a network of Ad Guy agencies around the globe.