Become a partner
As a partner you'll become a contributor and owner in Old Ad Guys™. Unlike any other agency we allow anyone with 20 years experience the opportunity to become a partner and owner. Partners will collaborate with other team members to augment resources, mine client contacts and grow and build their client base. As our network grows and expands each partner will share in our collective success entitling each to profit sharing and additional shares and bonuses. As a partner you’ll have a permanent home and a long-term future.
Each city will operate as an independent hub. Resource from other locations are available if required. Each location is designed to give local clients access to the people and resources they need in their area. Management of each office will consist of partners within each city. Overall network administration will be led by the senior partner board, consisting of partners throughout the network.


Old Ad Guys welcomes all those brilliant beautiful minds.

Become an associate
The benefits of being an associate are that you maintain your independence and can take on projects whenever you want, you'll connect with experienced senior ad guys and gals that love to collaborate. All associates receive their portion of project payments minus the 20% commission to support the growth of Old Ad Guys™. Associates can also apply to become a partner within the agency. As a partner you’ll have a permanent home and a long-term future.